5 Factors that Are Necessary for Personal Enlightenment

5 Factors that Are Necessary for Personal Enlightenment

The concept of ‘to enlighten’ is very similar to the thought of ‘turning the light on’. When we think of personal enlightenment, it is easy to think of it as a ‘turning the light on inside me’. It is about getting to know myself. There are five factors necessary for this personal enlightenment. Learning these factors will change our own lives and the lives of those around us.

1. Believe that Personal Enlightenment Is Necessary for Self-acceptance

Many of us do not like, let alone love ourselves. Self-acceptance is only possible when we are comfortable with the person we are, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we experience the ‘light bulb’ moment in our lives, we are at a turning point. We can use this moment to grow or we can choose to turn it off and retreat back into the darkness of our former selves.

2. Believe that Personal Enlightenment Is Necessary to Change Ourselves and Our World

Those who choose to explore personal enlightenment are usually self-empowered as they learn to recognize and then unlock the power of the person they are or would like to be. These are the Nelson Mandelas, Malcolm Xs, and Martin Luther Kings of this world. Their journey to enlightenment changed them so profoundly, it empowered them to change their world.

3. Believe that Personal Enlightenment Is a Journey, Not a Destination

Although we may experience a light bulb minute, this is self-awareness, it is not enlightenment. Our life is a journey of experiences and personal enlightenment enables us to make sense of those experiences as we meet them on the journey. As we apply what we lean each experience helps us understand ourselves more fully.

4. Believe that Personal Enlightenment Is a Force for Good and Not Evil

The world is a global community and each of us is its member. As we learn about and then gradually progress to accepting ourselves, we are more likely to accept others and enjoy who they are and encourage them on their own path of enlightenment.

5. Believe that Our Past Influences Do Not Control Our Future

As we accept that our past life influences have no control over us, we can learn from its lessons and apply them to our future. Our past often holds us captive to its mistakes. Enlightenment frees us to learn from them.

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