Single Parent Child Care Assistance – What Are Your Options?

One of the needs for a single-parent family is day care to look after the children while the parent is earning a living. Unfortunately day care is very expensive and may cost as much per day as the parent earns or more. One solution is to turn to relatives to look after the children. But what happens if relatives live too far away or are unable to assist due to some other factor? Then recourse must be had to single parent child care assistance.

A group of single parents may come to an arrangement whereby one of the parents looks after the children for the group, in return for a share of the earnings of the others. This option has serious legal implications; especially in terms of liability should a child be injured as well as the quality of care that might be provided. It might also infringe licensing regulations and the costs of meeting all licensing needs for a day care centre might be beyond the financial reach of the group.

However this need has been widely recognized and there are several schemes providing day care for parents in need. One of the most convenient options might be your local church. Many local churches provide either free or very affordable single parent child care assistance. If you are a member of a church this may be your preferred option.

For those in the New York area, the Head Start offers an excellent service, including a school readiness program. Eligibility would be based on family size and gross income. Qualified staff help with physical, social and emotional development.

There are Federal grants available for single parent child care assistance, as well as other needs you might have. The local offices of Health and Human Services can provide advice, application forms and will arrange a meeting with a social worker. Anyone considering this option should look at all that is available in the way of food and other benefits to those who are eligible, not just the child care aspect. These grants can provide very substantial assistance. Try to see what grants are on offer.

Your State will also have assistance programs and may offer grants or other forms of single parent child care assistance.

Remember unlike loans, grants are available even or maybe especially to those with bad financial records eaglevalleychildcare, as they are most in need of assistance. They also do not need to be paid back.

It would be worthwhile to look at as an individual may qualify for other benefits as well.

Many companies provide assistance with child care, due to the increasing numbers of workers who require such assistance and also a rise in social awareness and better social responsibility. If the employer does provide such assistance, this can be a very convenient and good quality option. Your local social welfare worker may be able to advise of other private assisted care facilities available.

It is important not to be embarrassed or ashamed of asking for assistance. The welfare of children and the future of the country are far too important to be held back by such emotional issues. Anyone requiring single parent child care assistance should not hesitate to take advantage of any opportunity available. No one should be forced to endure grinding poverty and helplessness when there is help available and our children deserve it.

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