Different Ways of Link Building Your Way to the Top Ranks in the Search Engine Results

Link building is very necessary for the SEO of the website, as the search engines use the links to browse the different websites and also judge the popularity of the website, which is decided by the number of links that your website has. Each link acts like 1 vote and hence, if you have many links, then your website your trusted directory can translate into top ranking of the search engines. Along with the votes, the quality of the votes is much more important. If you have links from good, authoritative, and trusted websites, then your website’s ranking will increase manifolds.

There are mainly two types of Link Building, the”Organic” or the Natural and the “Artificial”.The “Organic” link-building is the natural way of building links, where you gain many free inks, over a period of time, and thus increasing the value of your site. Some of the different ways of naturally building links are:

• The most important point to be kept in mind is to have good quality contents in your website. The contents should be related to the theme of your webpage, so that you can attract quality links.

• Start a blog page on your website, where you can give important information and tips about the different aspects of the theme of your website. This will help attract the footfalls and the quality web links to your site.

• You should take advantages of the various social networks, as these are the places, which generate maximum traffic to any site. If you post quality contents on these websites, you can have good response.

• You should give regular updates about the various events that are occurring in your field or are related to the theme of your website. If possible giving freebies on any theme is a very good way of attracting visitors and links to your page.

The “Artificial-link building is the process, where by you request for the other website owner to link your website to his. Some of the different types of networking are:

• Links Exchange—– This is an exchange, whereby a request is made to the other website, to establish a link to your website. In this you can even exchange your Links.

• Directory Submission is another way of requesting links, whereby, you submit the details of your website, to the directories, who display your details on their pages.

• Submitting your written articles to the various article directories and writing blogs for different forums and attaching a links is a sure way of generating links and traffic to your site.

• Creating useful widgets, word press or plug-in or any other theme.



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