Facebook Ad: Boost Posts for Pennies and Get More Likes/Shares!

More Likes & Shares

Facebook Ads alone cannot possibly encourage engagement. No matter why you want more instantboostup likes and shares, it’s a combination of factors that get the job done. However, now Facebook says, “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time… ” And a Facebook spokesperson said, “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.”

Ever wonder how in the world some people DO get so many Likes and Shares on Facebook? Considering only 16% of followers see any given post, that is discouraging. Those Facebook algorithms place posts with the most activity in front of more people. One needs much more ‘bang for your buck.’ We’ll discuss all the things that needs to happen before a Facebook Ad process.

Generating More Likes & Shares

Of course, well-written posts, with the right keywords, an applicable photo, using a question or controversial statement are all ways to generate more interest in what is being posted.

1. Write posts which inspire. If a follower is touched or impacted, they are significantly more likely to share.

2. Be consistent in getting in front of friends and followers. It won’t happen 1 or 2 days each week. Use a fantastic social media manager like Hootsuite to schedule out a day or two for the minimum daily posts. 5-8 impactful posts per day is recommended.

3. Use a great image in every text post. We are a visual world. We process visual images 60% faster than text. Unless a Facebook Mobile app is being used, there is not a good reason to find a photo to compliment the text. At the very least, go to a free image website, save the image, then attach.

4. Use a free site like PicMonkey to edit the photo. You can add the text of a website to the photo then fade it out 50% or more (so it’s not so obnoxious no one wants to share). Extra effects can also be done to give it some snap!

5. Video is fantastic for engagement as well! If you are in business, then here’s a post on doing a 60-Second Video. This can do a 180 turn around for internet traffic! Easy AND powerful!

6. Keep posts 80-150 characters. Use no more than 150 characters in posts… ideally 100-150 since they get 60% more shares.

7. Post with complete URLs. On Facebook, people are much more cautious, statistically, about clicking on links blindly. They are much less likely to click on a shortened link, like a, for example, than the actual version. Sites like Twitter are a different animal.

8. Be interesting, never boring or negative. No one wants to follow negativity… it just doesn’t attract.


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