Roller Doors

Nowadays, automation is part of our everyday lives. Home automatic control may range from lighting, heating, and air conditioning to appliances and doors. The ability to control the things around the house with the push of a button, and literally have them at our fingertips, improves our comfort, safety and convenience.

Not all houses enjoy the same level of automation, but these days most homeowners prefer  https://victorgaragedoor.comautomatic doors when it comes to their garage. However, when were automatic garage doors introduced, and how did they become popular? Here’s a short timeline of automatic garage doors and how they’ve gotten to become so popular.

1926: The Electric Door Opener

Garage doors were opened manually until the introduction of the electric door opener. It was invented less than a century ago, in 1926, by C. G. Johnson. However, it was only after WW II that they became known on the residential market, after a company from Chicago manufactured an opener, which lifted garage doors with the help of a keypad or a switch.

How the Garage Door Opener Works

The considerable weight of the garage door is not lifted by the door opener itself, as you might be tempted to think. There are two other major components, which are responsible for lifting the door. These are the torsion springs and the cables mounted on the door. The role of the opener is to allow you to control how much you want to lift or lower the door and the force exerted by it.

Typically, an electric garage opener includes a power unit, which provides electricity to a motor. When the motor is on, a trolley attached to an arm is set in motion along a track, making the door open or close. In case of power failure, the opener is turned off, and you can operate the door manually. The motor is controlled remotely with the help of a remote control or button mounted in the wall.

1956: Roller Doors


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