Choosing the Right Equipment For Good Digital Photos

Digital photography is great fun and a refreshing exercise. Lengthy darkroom processes are no longer required to get good photographs thanks to digital photography. But you still need to learn the tricks that make a good photograph. And the first thing will be to choose the equipment that is best suited with your needs and tastes. For example if you want to record only your office and home parties or your holidays and not have much time to do that either, then buying a full featured DSLR will be a waste of money and what is more you may not have time enough to master the numerous controls and end up taking very few or no good shots.

If you are a really busy and heavyweight person like a company GM you probably won’t be able to carry about a big flashgun or a tripod. Choose a basic DSLR model or a good quality compact. However if you want to be more creative in your free time you may go in for a light tripod and a good flashgun as well and maybe an extra tele or wide lens if you are using a DSLR. But if you want o really get down to the thing then you have to do some more thinking.

If you feel you want to go out into the wilds and shoot a flowing rapid, or a soaring kite or a jumping cat, invest in a steady and hardy tripod. Buy a hardy DSLR as well and one with a good frame speed and minimum shake and low camera noise during high ISO and low light shots. Maybe you can get a few lenses like a good a couple of good wide lenses a mid range zoom and a tele. If you are shooting animals then you must get a couple of good teles. Absolutely invaluable is a polarizing filter.

If glamour is your way, get a light weight camera and light lenses. Sometimes only one good range zoom lens is enough. Don’t make it too bulky or you can spoil your shots. Also get a strong flash, a studio flash system and special effect filters like soft tones and diffusers. Usually a single apartment room is enough for most of your indoor shots. Don’t neglect the outdoors and the sun. But don’t forget to pack in enough thermocol and butter paper to act as reflectors and diffusers otherwise too much sunlight or deep shades can spoil your

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