Got Expertise? Want a Livelihood, Sharing it With Others?

or nine years Jake ran a lively, lucrative downtown wine bar. From movie-themed “Nights of Flights” wine tastings to cash flow-by-month analysis he knew his business inside out. But he got tired of managing people. He wanted a change. One that would leverage all that he’d learned. Sound familiar? So he did a very smart thing.

He launched a business teaching people how to start a successful wine bar.

In this shaky economy, you, like Jake and Susan Page, may be thinking of fresh ways to make money from what you know.

If so, you may find Jake’s approach helpful.

To keep overhead low and to appeal to prospective customers who may be working full-time, he designed a program where they could learn by signing up for a six month service of evening and weekend tele-classes and access to a members-only blog.

He hired various clients from his wine bar (you learn a lot about people in convivial, casual settings) to:

o Create his members-only blog and taught him how to use it.

o Interviewed him to turn his expertise into a very specific step-by-step program, complete with examples, templates, checklists, real life success stories, points to be covered in each tele-class and inclusion of experts (from accounting to marketing) in blog posts and “in conversation” interviews that were turned into podcasts that his clients could listen to any time.

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