Successful Marketing With The Human Touch

Successful Marketing needs the life and feel only the human touch can give it.

Here is a simple rule: People like doing business with people.

The internet has caught on, but the majority of people do not do business or purchase on the internet, why?

Because People like doing business with people.

If you are an Internet Marketer, then you work hard to create the human touch on your pages. If you have a content site, you put your picture on the site to create the personal, human touch. You write an About Me section hoping to create the feeling of kinship again adding the human touch. You write in a manner to again show that you are a real person.

After all that, you still are not getting the sign-ups for your Opt-In that you would like. You are not expanding your business at a rate you would like. You are not making the Sales you need.

So what is the answer?

Create Successful Marketing by adding the Human Touch.

Become your website instead of the website being you.

1. Have a phone number and hours you are available to answer questions.

2. Create Audio on your page adding the human touch through voice.

3. Hold a Tele-seminar once a month.

4. Create Video for your web site.

If you are a full time marketer that is home through the day then the telephone is a huge tool to add the human touch to your site. Even if you are a part time marketer, you can set aside 1 hour each day Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the phone. Each week put your schedule on your website, invite your readers to call with their questions.

Successful Marketing using Audio is really simple with today’s computers and the skill to create the audio is very simple. Even I managed to get it in a few days. Your voice on your site will go a long way to add the personal, human touch to your site.

Successful Marketing using Tele-seminars depending on your product or service can easily create a connection with your customers beyond anything else you do. The technology today has made holding a Tele-seminar easy and inexpensive. You can interview people that have used your product or service or you can have someone do an interview with you about your service or business.

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