5 Questions Answered in Know Yourself:

This is a partial chapter excerpt: Selection of the five most common questions women Barbara Rose, Ph.D. during personal consultations and tele-seminars or by e-mail through her Web site that are answered in Know Yourself.

How can I know for sure if I’m making the right decision when it comes to choosing between my marriage and my mental health and self-esteem?

I think you already know the answer to your question, but you may feel afraid of honoring your truth and taking a step in a life-enhancing direction because it feels scary to move out of your comfort zone.

You have two choices. One is to continue living with insanity and low self-esteem; the other is to stop sacrificing your self, your mental health, and your self-worth for another.

If you are being harmed by emotional or mental abuse, the only life-enhancing choice, the only choice that will allow you to feel whole, radiant, and supremely confident is to honor your real feelings, no matter how scary this might feel, and to move in the direction you know deep inside is for your highest good. The alternative is to live in misery. I hope that you find the courage to choose self-truth, and follow what you know in your heart is for your highest good so that you can come back into wholeness. The fear will pass once you take the initial steps. Then the fear will be behind you, and you will begin to shine.

I want to know more about spirituality. It has affected my life deeply, and I want to have a deeper understanding of what it is all about. Are there any good places other than church to learn about this?

Ironically, Unity Church can help you learn about spirituality. Unity Church is entirely spiritual. Without dogma, Unity embraces every person’s religious and spiritual path, and teaches much about spirituality, manifestation, and how you are truly connected to God.

You can also go to spiritual conferences, where you can attend seminars given by authors of books about spirituality. There are all kinds of retreats, some held in one location and some that travel to sacred sites, that are wide in scope and offer many different spiritual paths to select from. I suggest following what feels right for you when you read about it. You can learn about many retreats online. Also, you can listen to live tele-seminars about spirituality (I give them all the time), ask questions, and receive personal answers.

And you can read books about the areas of spirituality that interest you, to gain greater understanding. Go with what you feel drawn to; on a soul level, this is moving you in the direction of greater spiritual growth

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