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With the global technological development, a lot of data is being processed each and every day. It has become ubiquitous and unsustainable for any Business Holder to keep it structured and track a resource. To overcome this major difficulty, Data Science – the fast expanding field, has been developed. Every field such as medicine, finance, media or manufacturing has huge sets of data. Therefore the need of data scientists’ skills is sought after everywhere, i.e. they are not bounded to one particular industry!

What do Data Scientists do?

Data Science is an amalgamation of mathematics, statistics, business understanding and programming skills. Therefore, Data Scientists are partly mathematicians, partly computer scientist and partly trend spotters. A Data Scientist helps companies interpret and manage data; deal with processes and systems and solve complex problems with a strong business sense. Their main roles include:


  • Collecting large sets of structured and unstructured data from various sources.

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