Blu-Ray Collectors and Movie Junkies

Are you’re an obsessive compulsive Blu-Ray Disc collector who just can’t seem to get enough? Maybe you’re a hardcore movie junkie with an international knack for good films who just happens to own a Blu-Ray Player? In either case, we have some excellent news for you; for the both of you.

For the OCD Disc Detective: While you may think you’ve purchased every Blu-Ray Disc available today in North America; while you’ve scoured the local store shelves and relentlessly searched the internet looking for the lates release or that “oldie but goodie” to supplement your pristine collection – there’s likely something you’re forgetting.

For the Sofa-Ridden Film Afficianado: Although your impeccable tastes for quality filmography and rare cinema have led you to the deepest darkest corners of the internet in search of new downloads; Even though you thought you’ve attained a new level of achievement by discovering an underground streaming video network where you watched the very first episode (and only copy in the world) of The Three Stooges that have been dubbed with Korean voice-overs… There’s likely something you’re forgetting as well.

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