iPod Movie Downloads – Scam Or Real? Find Out For Yourself

Try searching for iPod movie downloads and chances are you will find several advertisements for paid membership sites that offer a huge library of iPod movies and other media files such as music, TV shows, etc. These sites offer you more than 90 million media files, including software bundles to download the songs, movies, music etc to your iPod, and other softwares like registry cleaner, adware/spyware removal applications. All these benefits for a lifetime fee of lesser than $50.

Compare this against the backdrop of downloading a video at $1.99 at iTune, many people would be tempted to download at these iPod movie download sites. So one burning question is: Do these sites really exist? Or Are they really able to deliver you what they promised?

Apparently, several of these sites are the real deal. Of course there are some which are downright Kazaa, LimeWire style websites. These websites basically share files, and in most cases illegal or copyrighted media files. So be really careful before you start downloading movies from some of these iPod download sites.

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