Alpha Dog Movie Review

Despite this film starring Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone I was surprised when former Disney and NSYNC star Justin Timberlake stole the show. This film is inspired by a true story; Emile Hirsch plays a young LA drug dealer who with the help of his gang members (Timberlake and Shaun Hatosy) decides to get revenge on a Junkie who owes them money by kidnapping his younger brother.

However the main difference in this film is that the main characters are not portrayed like Hollywood normally does when it comes to drug dealers, their more like something you would see on an episode of Americas Dumbest Criminals and really are wannabe gangsters.

This movie may lose its way in the last couple of minutes, but everything before this point is gripping, exciting edge or your seat stuff. The on screen performances of Timberlake and Willis are a little letdown by the performances by Sharon Stone and Hirsch who I feel lacks the charisma for the leading role.

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