Download Games and Movies

Downloading Movies, Music and Games for your PSP is now very simple. Their are lots of online stores that allow you to download media files for your PSP, some charging small amounts, whilst others allow you to download non copyrighted material for free.

As I’m sure you know, you can buy UMD discs for your PSP, with lots of brand new release movies now being released every single week. The problem with UMD’s is that they cost quite a lot of money, but downloading movies from an online store is much cheaper, as you are not paying for packaging and also postage costs. Purchasing a 4 or 8gb memory stick duo for you PSP, will allow you to store many hours of media files on to your console. I currently use the 2gb memory stick, which contains 4 hours of my favourite TV shows, so the 4gb will store 8 hours and the 8gb will allow you to carry around up to 16 hours of media files, whether that be 16 one hour episodes of ABC’s Lost, or 8, two hour movies.

If you are going to purchase from an online store I personally advise that you also download the new 4.01 upgrade for your PSP, this makes uploading from your computer very easy. Also, any memory stick under 1gb and you will struggle to upload any TV shows or movies as the are usually in the area of 350 – 400 mb per

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