How to Make an Authentic Cortadito Espresso Drink

Cortadito is a Cuban espresso drink that gives you high levels of caffeine in a sweet shot of creamed espresso. This article will show you how you can make your own cortadito drink in a few simple steps.

To make this drink, you will need the following:
-percolator (stove top espresso maker)
-coffee beans
-coffee grinder
-small bowl and spoon
-coffee cream

1. Fill the espresso maker with water to the fill line for whatever size espresso maker you are using for this drink. Place the filter on top of the water-filled base.

2. Grind fresh coffee beans of your choice. Darker roast coffee usually has less acidity than lighter roast coffee and also has a taste more similar to espresso. However, if you want a lighter roast coffee for the sake of flavor, then a light roast coffee will work as well. You can also choose flavored coffee beans if you like, but for a more authentic taste, it would be best to use regular coffee flavors. You will want to grind the coffee beans finer rather than coarse so that your coffee flavor will be stronger and give more of an espresso taste. By grinding the coffee fresh, the flavor will be stronger and retain the coffee flavor. You will need to grind enough coffee to fill the filter of the espresso maker. Pack the ground coffee into the filter so that you will have a stronger espresso.

3. Screw the top of the espresso maker onto the base and filter to secure the espresso maker and prepare to brew.

4. Leave the top of the espresso maker opened so that you can see the spout of the espresso maker and place on the stove.

5. Turn the stove on high to heat up the water in the base and begin the brewing process.

6. While the water heats up, quickly put 1/4 -1/2 cups of sugar in the bowl with the spoon easily accessible (you can add more or less sugar depending on how sweet you like your cortadito).


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