How to Pick Up Key Words and Key Phrases From TV Programs

Finding the best key words and phrases is one of the most challenging and time consuming niche for all Internet Marketers. As we know very well, the most popular places to do this are the “big brothers”: Google, Yahoo or MicroSoft Network. But apart of them I found off line sources to get what I need and surprisingly or not it is the TV. And the topic of this article is how to use it efficiently.

The sad fact is, that in average the whole research and effort looking for key words is not always rewarded as expected or even worse there are not positive results at all. Probably this is the main reason why so many people-marketers start anxiously to conquer the world and get highest ranking in next few days suddenly give up or at least feel disappointed and desperate.The competition is severe and this trend will continue.

If we have a look out of the “Internet Marketing box” we will easily realize that the online business is a reflection of its offline “older brother”. It does not really matter what you promote:CPA Offers, Paid Surveys or Health& Beauty Products. The difference is the variation of tools, and methods which are not applicable for the traditional one, but the strategies and final goals are the same:

How to approach the potential leads

online: e-mails and ads, offline: newspapers, TV/

How to grab their attention

online: warming welcoming e-mails, offline: post, TV or newspapers/

How to deal with the leads and getting closer

online: following up, something for free, offline: greeting cards or letters, TV greetings/

How to be their trustee and transform them from leads to clients and so on… These are just some of the segments involved.

And finally, how to attract more people buying your product.

All above points out the relation between online and offline businesses and common strategies for advertising. And to achieve our goals we need very well precised, sharp, key words and key phrases. As well it is obvious that television is wide spread and popular tool. This is understandable- the easiest “digesting” media by the public. Nothing new is not it? That is right. But…

I would like to see the things in slightly different way. I am not talking about the commercial ads which pop up in every fifteen minutes on all channels meanwhile. Nothing at all, the audience is sick of them/myself included/. I found out extremely useful and helpful for my small research a number of live programs, talk shows and even news. I am not giving particular examples. Like the Internet Marketing the TV Marketing is cleverly targeted and segmented. That is why there are programs for all niches of the society. Listening to some of the participants you can spot the right key words and phrases for your campaigns.

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