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usage of your SD card

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Tip: Scrupulous users may find there’s a “Settings” button on the left side of the “Scan” button. What’s the function of it? To put it simply, it is a feature designed to help you narrow the scanning range; you can check to scan specific file systems or file types manually and this is going to ….  Read More

User context signals

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Search results for a given query can vary from user to user. It’s not that everyone sees completely different results. Instead, everyone sees many of the same “generic” listings. But there will also be some listings appearing because of where someone is, who they know or how they surf the web. Search engines also try ….  Read More

The BUILD Office

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Now that group build has settled into the brand new headquarters, it’s an brilliant time to check the interior improvements of the workplace. Today’s submit takes a dive into the materials, specs, and organizations important to bringing the venture all collectively. For facts on the exterior of the constructing, take a look at out our ….  Read More