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Data Recovery : How Much Does Hard Drive Cost?

The price of data recovery on a hard drive varies depending on the problem encountered. It is therefore difficult to establish a fixed value for this type of operation. Here is some useful information to help you budget for support for your hard drive that has a problem.

Price variation depending on the chosen company :

Whether it’s data recovery on an external or internal hard drive , on a USB key, or even on memory cards , it is important to choose a specialist. This choice must necessarily take into account your needs as well as the price of the service. The technician in charge of the work must prove his know-how and experience.

Regarding the price, some companies offer kinds of packs. Others offer prices by the hour. If you prefer the repair to be done at home, you should allow at least 220 euros for the first three hours of work by the specialist. Also plan the budget for the travel of the professional and the price for the overtime he will have to do.

In the case of government, educational or even commercial data recovery, companies will take a minimum of 220 euros for the first hour. For the overtime of the specialist, you must allow 130 euros. The recovery of your Twitter data can vary between 50 and 180 euros if you opt for small companies.

Data Recovery

Logic failure :

There is a logical failure when the file system is corrupted or the partition tables are faulty. Viruses as well as hard drive partition loss can also cause logical failure. The problems of logical failures are very frequent and sometimes arise during a bad handling of the hard disk. The process of recovering data from a logical failure does not necessarily need to be resolved in a clean room.

Mechanical failure :

Many causes can lead to mechanical failures on a hard drive. These include, among other things, damage to the engine which may cause a problem with the rotation or symmetry of the discs. In addition, when the read heads damage the magnetic surface of the disc, it leads to data loss. Natural disasters, shocks as well as physical deformation of disks can also cause mechanical failures.

If you happen to detect a physical problem with your drive, keep in mind that you should never try to fix it yourself. This may lead to the systematic loss of all your data .. So call in a specialist. In this kind of situation, professionals estimate the cost of the repair between 150 and 250 euros.

Physical failure :

Generally, in terms of failure, they are considered the most severe. Your disk suffers from physical failures , if it is not recognized by your computer or if it vibrates during use. The file transfer speed will be very slow and you will often hear a metallic clicking noise while it is working. This kind of failure will prevent you from accessing the data.

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