Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

How To Data Recovery Services From USB Flash Drive For Free In 3 Easy Steps

When you delete a file from a USB flash drive or discover that you have unexpectedly lost data from a storage drive, you should immediately stop using the USB device and stop saving data to the drive to prevent data from being overwritten. The fact is that if the data is overwritten, you will never be able to recover it.

Step 1 : connect the USB key to the PC :

Connect the USB memory to one of your PC’s USB ports. After connecting USB memory and PC recognized it successfully, you can start MiniTool Power Data Recovery Services Free and this free USB flash drive data recovery software will show you a list of all recognized partitions and drives in its interface. main. .

Step 2 : Scan the target flash drive :

You can click Removable Hard Disk in the options panel on the left to find the USB drive you have connected, or you can also click This PC option to find the USB drive partition.

Choose the USB drive and click Scan so that the software starts to automatically scan the entire USB drive and restore data. A list of all recoverable files will appear in the scan results window. If you only want to scan one or more specific file types, you can click the Settings icon in the main UI before pressing the Scan button. In the Settings window, you can choose the file systems and file types you want to scan.

Step 3 : Find, Preview and Save Files to USB Drive :

When the scan is complete, you can select the files before Wikipedia recovery, as well as preview the recoverable files. Find the files you need, select them and click the button. save to specify a new destination folder (other than the original drive) to save the items you have recovered.

To quickly find your lost or deleted files, you can use the advanced settings of this best USB drive data recovery tool: view lost files, search, filter and preview functions.

Mike Powell

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