Guide to Refrigerator Sizes (Plus How to Measure For One)

There is a lot of variance on the subject of fridge sizes. Get the incorrect one and also you risk now not being able to healthy it to your front door, let alone on your kitchen. Because of this, it’s critical to understand precisely what you’re entering into to while you pick out out a fridge, each in terms of what you need in phrases of meals garage and what’s going to be the proper healthy and style for your home.

Fridges aren’t some thing that most folks buy very often. They’re additionally no longer something that you can in reality purchase on the fly and return until you find the proper match. Do your studies ahead of time so you could make a clever select the first time around, each in terms of refrigerator dimensions and style.

One of a kind refrigerator Sizes & types
You’ll want to take into account both refrigerator sizes and refrigerator types while equipment shopping. Here are the four principal sorts of fridges, with their average dimensions. Due to the fact those sizes are simply averages, you’ll nevertheless want to observe measurements for the particular refrigerator(s) you are inquisitive about whilst making your choice.

Top freezer fridges
These are what you may consider “traditional” fridges, with the principle compartment starting at the bottom and taking over approximately -thirds of the distance, and the freezer taking on about one-0.33 of area on the top. They have extensive cabinets and tend to be the maximum compact of all of the kinds of refrigerators.

Common size of pinnacle freezer fridges: Width: 28 ¾” – 32 ¾ / height: sixty one ¾” – sixty six ¼”

Bottom freezer fridges
This refrigerator swaps the design of the pinnacle freezer, sticking the principle compartment at the pinnacle -thirds and the freezer on the lowest 1/3. They’re proper for those who would alternatively have the primary compartment at eye level, and they’re also greater energy efficient considering the main compartment allows the freezer preserve its ice-cold temperatures with much less strength utilization.

Common sizes of bottom freezer fridges: Width: 29 ½” – 32 ¾” / height: sixty seven” – 70”

Side-with the aid of-side fridges
Side-by using-side refrigerators characteristic the primary compartment and freezer right subsequent to each different, one at the left and one on the proper. The top shelves for both booths are at eye level, which many recall a bonus, though you’ll nevertheless should hunch to retrieve gadgets at the lowest. Notice that the cabinets are quite narrow, for the reason that width of the refrigerator is accommodating each compartments. That being said, they make up for it a little bit by way of being wider on the start than each top and backside freezer refrigerators.

Common sizes of aspect-with the aid of-facet refrigerators: Width: 32 ¾” – 39 ¾” / height: 65 7/eight” – 71 ¼”

French door refrigerators
French door refrigerators are form of a combination of the one-of-a-kind fridge types indexed above. There’s a extensive bottom freezer, plus a primary compartment above with aspect-through-facet doors. They’re a bit narrower than aspect-by means of-facet fridges, but the cabinets are wider because each the primary compartment and the freezer take up the entire width.

Common sizes of French door fridges: Width: 29 ½” – 36” / top: 68 ½” – 70 1/eight”

Counter depth vs. Fashionable intensity refrigerators
Width and top aren’t the only two size factors that you will need to recall whilst searching for refrigerators. Depth is another principal one, with standard fridges providing distinctive options: counter intensity or fashionable depth.

Counter depth refrigerators are designed to take a seat flush together with your counter tops, whilst widespread depth refrigerators amplify past them. You get more garage space with trendy intensity fridges because they’re deeper than counter depth ones, however the look is a little bit less streamlined.

The figuring out variables among going with a counter intensity vs. Wellknown depth fridge are generally going to be aesthetic and garage based. You’ll certainly get a greater incorporated look with a counter intensity refrigerator, but once more, you’ll have to sacrifice on storage capability.

How huge of a refrigerator Do You want?
Quite often of thumb, you want approximately 4-6 cubic toes of garage in step with man or woman in your household. Maximum refrigerators on the market will listing their cubic foot capacity, however if you’re now not sure, use a cubic foot calculator to determine it out primarily based on the fridge’s width, intensity, and top. Of direction, you’ll nonetheless be constrained with the aid of what can in shape in your space.

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