Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Broken Phone Screen : How To Data Recovery Your Data?

The smartphone is a fragile object, which can break easily. Even if we take care of it, a small accident can ruin everything. Do you think your data, photos, videos or music are lost due to a broken screen? And luckily, you can Data Recovery even when the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. Find out how!

If you make many backups on a regular basis or use Google Drive, you can Data Recovery very easily. But not everyone uses these methods in the event of a broken phone screen, so here are some alternatives that may be useful to you.

Your smartphone has slipped from your hands and there, it’s the drama. Your phone screen is cracked or completely broken and you need to recover your data? Here are some tips for Android smartphones.

If your phone screen can still light up but the touchscreen no longer responds, you can connect an OTG mouse to your smartphone. Once your screen is on, you can navigate your smartphone with the mouse, like a computer! This way, you can unlock your device to transfer your data.

Your screen no longer lights up because of its fall and you can therefore no longer access your files… But there is a trick that allows you to display your smartphone screen on your computer! Although we cannot guarantee that this method will work, do so at your own risk!

On iOS, it is much easier to recover your Wikipedia data in the event of breakage. You can back up your data even with your broken screen with iOS. But, because there is a but, only if you have already plugged in and authorized this computer to access your iPhone with this computer.

Mike Powell

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