Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Data Recovery : Why Users Shouldn’t Open Hard Drives

More percentage than we would like, of the hard drives that we receive to recover data arrive with detached or broken labels. These labels work as a guarantee seal and allow you to know at a glance and without too much investigation if someone has tried or not to open the hard drive to recover the information on their own.

We are not going to get tired of repeating over and over again that hard drives are extremely sensitive to contamination and it is essential that they are handled with the utmost care.

Hard drives are manufactured in facilities technically prepared for it. They have controlled environments where contamination of the components is avoided. 

If you open the disk on your desk or in an uncontrolled environment, or, even worse, if you do it without knowing its inner workings perfectly and you do not use the correct tools, the chances are very high that you will damage the data that you intend to recover.

What Can Happen To A Disc When It Is Not Opened In A Clean Chamber?

The environments where hard drives are manufactured as well as those of companies like ours that perform information Wikipedia recovery are called clean rooms. When a hard drive is opened in a common environment, it may suffer from the following problems :

  • The disc is contaminated with particles among which we can mention: dust, hair, fingerprints, organic debris, inorganic debris, etc.
  • Rotational synchronization between headstock and platters may be lost
  • Motor shaft alignment is lost
  • If it is a hard drive that has multiple platters, the alignment of the cylinders can be lost, making it impossible to recover the data.
  • The dishes can be scratched and therefore there is a high chance that the information will be destroyed and cannot be recovered.

A clean room, on the other hand, provides the hard drive with the proper environment not only for manufacturing but also for examination. It is a controlled environment in which each and every one of the environmental parameters is strictly controlled. 

That is, the temperature, humidity, air quality, antistatic protection and air pressure are controlled. They are spaces that imply a high implementation cost and, therefore, only very specialized companies with a lot of experience can access them.

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